What’s so great about America?

I watched a video about a Denmark girl who did a foreign exchange program in America. She liked the time spent in the U.S. but noticed that American have a way different culture than she thought. Some of what she talked about includes: School spirit American schools and sports are intertwined. In her country, school […]

Maybe It’s Better Being a Night Owl

I know I wrote about waking up early, but, man, I’ve fallen out of the habit after working a second shift stint. So, instead, I thought I would embrace being a night owl and write about it. What’s so great about staying up late? No early mornings I wake up long after the sun is […]

Waking up early and making it a habit

It’s not just about being a morning person; it’s about waking up early. There’s no telling how difficult that can be for most people – me especially. I’ve always wondered how it felt waking up early – like before the crack of dawn. I’ve been a late riser for many years until a few years […]